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The Lewis & Art Exhibition explores materials and techniques for turning scrap into sculpture, providing a fun, educational and delightful journey of discovery for all.

Based on your budget, the exhibit features 10-30 sculptures designed to inspire the world to recycle, imagine and create. 

An educational video emphasizing the importance of recycling and featuring the artist building sculptures is available. Educational signage on repurposed metal stands are provided for each sculpture.  

Available 2021

The Scraposaurs traveling exhibit features 14 dinosaurs! Mother of Dragons, T-Rex Evolved, Spinosaurus, Stanley the Steogaurus, Tri-tops, Little Susie, Woolly Rhino, Jitters, Dino, Dragonflies, Musk-Ox Mom, Scrappy Ed, Thing, and Smiley the Smilodon. Artist Dale Lewis brings these ancient relics to life using salvaged scrap and metal materials. These creative sculptures are guaranteed to amaze, delight and inspire!  

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Stanley 2

Scrap to Sea is a traveling exhibit featuring sea-themed creatures created by Artist Dale Lewis. This exhibit includes 15 metal and mosaic sculptures that are sure to captivate visitors' imaginations.

The exhibit includes educational signage and a video emphasizing the importance of recycling, using imagination and creating!

Scrap to Sea is ideal for venues with small budgets.

Host an Exhibit

Increase Visitor Attendance

EVERYONE can relate to the subject matter of these traveling exhibits.

  • Interesting, fun and educational

  • Inspires imagination and creativity

  • Emphasises the importance of recycling 

  • Draws media attention

  • Blends art, science and history

  • Engages art, science and environmental supporters

  • Uses art for delivering powerful messages

  • Ideal for "membership drives"

  • Attracts millennials and families to venue

Designed for Your Needs

  • Three exhibits to choose from

  • Installed by Artist Dale Lewis

  • Appropriate for indoor and outdoor display

  • Exhibits can range from 8 to 40 or more pieces

  • Bonus offer for merchandising (ask us!)

Compliments Your Education and Conservation Programs

  • Educational signage for each sculpture

  • Video of artist building sculptures, sharing the creative process and emphasizing the importance of recycling

  • Docent, staff and teacher workshops 

Traveling exhibits may be booked for a minimum of 6 months and up to one year.

These exhibits book quickly.  

Contact Mecca Page for more information.

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