Hastings Journal

New Dale Lewis creations join Hastings downtown art collection - see article.

September 30, 2021

Dale installs two sculptures in Hastings.

Star Tribune 

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Dale Lewis in Star Tribune.JPG

Benefits of public art go on display - see article.

September 26, 2021

Dale installs two sculptures in downtown Hastings. 

WCCO's Finding Minnesota

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Minnetrista's Big Stone Mini Golf  featured on WCCO Channel 4 News

August 5, 2021

Woolly Bully, Sasquatch and other sculptures are highlighted.

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Patches the Hippo

Artist Dale Lewis
Feature Article in the Hastings Star Gazette

July 30, 2021

News writer, Sophia Voight, interviews Dale Lewis about his sculptures.

CBS Weekend News 
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WCCO's "Finding Minnesota" episode aired on CBS Weekend News

September 4, 2021

Big Stone Mini Golf has 7 Dale Lewis sculptures on permanent display.

Scraposaurs on the Move!

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featured on WEAU Channel 13 News

May 9, 2021

Scraposaurs Traveling Exhibit arrives at Artisan Forge Studios in Eau Claire, WI. 

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YouTube Video produced by Subscribbles

May 3, 2021

Shows details of all 14 Scraposaurs sculptures at Artisan Forge Studios in Eau Claire, WI. 

Gumby and Pokey News Video.PNG

Gumby and Pokey
featured on Channel 5 KSTP

January 18, 2021

Gumby and Pokey sculptures and an interview with Dale included in the story.

Dale Lewis typically creates ten large-scale sculptures a year.
With plenty of time on his hands during the 2020 COVID quarantine, Dale created 21 new sculptures - his most prolific year yet!

To view the virtual magazine covering his 2020 Retrospective, simply click on the COVID Steel image.

Untitled design.png
Untitled design.png
A Creative Quarantine
Covid Steel Cover

"Spreading the Love" in Northfield

spreading the love sign.jpg
Spreading the love tree.jpg

Dale Lewis and Northfield, MN, fused glass artist, Gerie Thelen collaborated to create
this latest sculpture entitled
"Spreading the Love."

This activity is made possible by Artists on Main Street, a partnership organized locally by the Northfield Downtown Development Corporation and the City of Northfield Arts and Culture Commission.  Funding and other support provided by Rethos: Places Reimagined, Springboard for the Arts, and the Bush Foundation.

Dale Lewis and Gerie Thelen with Sculptu
Installed October 6, 2020

Gerie Thelen and Dale Lewis
"Spreading the Love"
Northfield Armory Square

So Minnesota Big Stone.PNG

Big Stone Mini Golf and Sculpture Gardens 
featured on Channel 5 KSTP 

October 6, 2020

Many of Dale's sculptures
are included in the story.


Dale Lewis on "Locally Grown"

by Hastings Community TV

Locally Grown Video about Dale Lewis.PNG

August 2020

2020 Sioux Falls Sculpture Walk has bang and now "Bing!"

Bing with Dale Lewis

With special permission, Dale was one of a select few allowed to install

his sculpture during the COVID-19 quarantine for the 2020 Sioux Falls Sculpture Walk.

"Bing" will remain in Sioux Falls for two years.

Big Stone Advancing Arts Sculpture Gardens & Mini Golf

Adds Five Dale Lewis Sculptures 

August 2019

Wooly Bully, Big Bird, Harley the Rhino, Dunes the Camel and When Pigs Fly the Natural Way

became permanent additions to the sculpture garden at Big Stone Mini Golf in 2019.

They joined previously purchased Sasquatch and When Pigs Fly Fighter Jets.

Big Stone Logo.jpg
Big Stone Mini Golf, 7110 County Road 110 W, Minnestrista, MN  55364
Wooly Bully
At 13 feet long and over 9 feet tall, Wooly Bully weighs nearly 1300 pounds
(over 600 pounds of tie wire for his hair).
He took nearly 6 months to build.
I named him Wooly Bully
because the whole time I was building
him, that song "Wooly Bully" kept going through my head!
Wooly Bully at Big Stone
Dale with Big Bird

Big Bird

The extinct Elephant Bird of Madagascar inspired "Big Bird." At 9.5' tall and 6.5' long, it represents the largest land bird ever known. 

I was recently interviewed at KDWA Radio. To listen to the Big Bird interview, click on the button below.

Big Bird at Big Stone
When Pigs Fly the Natural Way
Harley at Big Stone
Dunes the Camel
When Pigs Fly the Natural Way
Harley the Rhino