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Metal Sculputres for Sale

Featuring Dale's Latest Four Sculptures:
A Pangolin Named Patt
Mixed Metal
40" T x 29" W x 108" L

Pangolins are on the brink of extinction and are the most nonhuman trafficked mammal on earth because of their meat and their scales (used in Asian medicine). With no teeth, but long snouts and tongues, they eat up to 70 million insects each year, making them natural pest controllers. I made one (twice life size) to draw attention to their plight and because they are so damn cool!
Monkey See Composite.png
Monkey See
68" T x 22" W x 60" L

The monkey’s fur is made with 75 pounds of 16d galvanized finish nails. I had to get down to "monkey business"
to weld that many nails!
Porcupine Twins 
$4,500 each
Mixed Metal & Found Objects
36" T x 28" W x 70" L
Meet Fluffy and Floe. For their bodies, I usee an 80- year-
old fuel tank, cut in half. Their quills are 5/16 galvanized
rod, originally used as uprights on chain-link fencing.
So, how do porcupine’s snuggle? Very carefully!

Sanborn Man
Mixed Metal and Found Objects
77" T x 40" W
 x 40" D
For 25 years my Sanborn air compressor served it's purpose. Never once did I think it would have a head and arms. 
Dale's Sculptures in Alphabetical Order
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