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Flight School

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

Flight School

Mixed Metal

130” Tall x 84” Wide x 23” Deep

Base 43” x 25”

200 lbs

Flight School by Dale Lewis
Flight School on display at Reiman Gardens 2022

Artist’s Fun Fact:

Is it a school or a flock? The predator fish just below the surface makes this a fly or die situation. I spent hours watching flying fish scared up by the Navy ship during my 4 years in the South Pacific. A few times I would see this same scenario with a large fish going after the small ones.

Detail of Flight School

This sculpture is for sale and available for lease.

Meet the Artist!

Award-winning artist Dale Lewis, is passionate about recycling and art.

Since 2010, Dale has created nearly 150 large-scale sculptures from scrap metal and found objects at his home workshop in Hastings, MN.

When asked about his art, Dale says, "My hobby has become a full-time obsession. There's no turning back now - this is what I want to do when I grow up!"

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