Sculpture Walks
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About Sculpture Walks & Voting for Your Favorite

Cities and sponsors of sculpture walks encourage the public to engage by voting for their favorite sculpture.

This engagement ensures that funds will be available for future sculpture walks.

The city often purchases the People's Choice and First Place Winners' sculptures.

Only a few cities require that you vote in person; most provide on-line voting.

We encourage you to take a moment to visit each tour, pick your favorite sculpture and vote!

Thank you for your participation in keeping public art alive.


Sulpture Stroll
Hutchinson, MN
Summer 2020-Spring 2021
Dale Lewis with Old Tex.JPG
Dale Lewis with Old Tex
Sculpture Tour
Sioux Falls, SD
Summer 2020-Spring 2021

Bing - The Chinese Dragon

Cherry Tree

Cherry Tree

Avera McKennan Hospital
Sioux Falls, SD
Spring 2021-Summer 2022
Sculpture Tour
Salina, KS
Summer 2020-Spring 2021

Out of Africa

Coconut Palm

Sculpture Walk
St. Joseph, MO 
Summer 2020-Spring 2021
Bloom Boom!
I AM the Warus
Watertown Artwalk,
Watertown, SD 
Summer 2019-Spring 2021
When Pigs Fly the Wright Way
When Pigs Fly the Wright Way
River City Sculpture Tour
Mason City, IA 
Summer 2019-Spring 2020
What a Croc!

Take a Roadtrip!

There is nothing like seeing these sculptures for yourself. 

And if you enjoyed this virtual walk, please share this experience with friends and family.

And ask them to vote. 

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